Below is a list of documents for you to bring to your mediation sessions. You don’t need to bring everything to the first session, but the more we have, the more accurate the information is that we can give you.

  • 1Most recent income tax returns, including W2s. If you filed jointly bring in the joint return. If you filed individually, bring in both individual returns. If you own a business, bring the business tax returns.
  • 2Recent pay stubs, one for each party that is employed.
  • 3Recent statements for your pensions, 401K’s, IRA’s, retirement plans, employee plans such as stock options, RSU’s, ESOP’s or any other similar plans.
  • 4Recent brokerage or other non retirement account statements.
  • 5Recent account statements for your children, whether in their names, held for their benefit or in a trust.
  • 6Recent bank account statements, if the balance is more than $2,000.
  • 7A recent credit report. If you’re confident that you know of all debts, you can bring a list of credit cards or other consumer debt. (You don’t have to bring in the actual statements, just the balance owed and name of creditor).
  • 8Recent Social Security statements for each party, if you have them.
  • 9A check, cash or a credit card for the mediation session payment.
  • 10Please click here to download and fill out family retainer form.
  • 11Please click here to download and fill out client intake form.


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