Family law is complicated because it involves the legal system and it deals with emotionally charged issues. Resolving these issues requires the support and guidance of someone who understands the New Jersey family court system and is sensitive and understanding. The issues in family law vary on the circumstances of each family. General principles of law need to be analyzed and applied appropriately and fairly to the needs…


Child custody/timesharing issues are sometimes the most contentious and emotionally charged that arise when a family is in transition. Everyone is affected and often the child’s best interest is lost in the shuffle. Ideally parents will put a child’s needs first, but this is difficult to sustain as a case winds its way through the New Jersey family court system. Thankfully, there is a better way to resolve timesharing issues…


Divorce litigation often tears a family apart, financially drains both sides and causes lasting damage to its most vulnerable members. Fortunately, with mediation the process is amicable, relatively inexpensive and often helps improve co-parenting skills – which creates a better future for all involved. Mediation allows people to part with respect and dignity. Divorce mediation facilitates discussion and decision making of the serious and important…


Guardianship can be a difficult challenge for families, especially when the question of guardianship involves adult family members. As family members grow older; face special needs; or have mental or physical illnesses and can no longer manage their own affairs, they often need the support and guidance of another adult family member. Determining how these issues will be handled, especially when family members have different views…


Probate issues faced by New Jersey families are challenging and place a strain on otherwise strong family relationships. Emotions are high following the loss of a loved one and many people find themselves embroiled in family squabbles over financial or other issues even when previously there was harmony. Making matters worse, the probate court system is complicated, confusing and expensive, adding to the strain felt by families…


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