Our goal is to keep the process streamlined and simple. We want this to be as easy, painless and expeditious as possible for you and your family.


Joan speaks to all potential clients directly on an initial free phone consultation. After this, most people feel comfortable and confident in the process. Joan will answer your questions and explain her background, as well as ask a few questions so she can estimate how long the process will take and how much it will cost.

Questions include:

  • How long you’ve been married
  • Whether you have children and their ages
  • You and your spouse’s current employment status
  • Is there anything unique to your case? For example, one spouse is disabled, or there’s a company owned business.

If you have children, Joan likes to focus on “child related” issues first, because time spent with the children and their needs are the most important issues to most parents and it sets the right tone.

Making an Appointment:

When you’re ready, you can call 908-526-4300 or email joangg50@gmail.com to make an appointment. Hours are generally Monday through Friday, 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, although special arrangements can be made for other times.

First Session:

At the first session there’s a short introduction. You sit in comfortable chairs in a relaxed casual business setting and coffee, tea, water and treats are provided. Joan will ask questions, observe how you communicate and assess the case. You’ll begin mediating issues right away and may be separated for a brief time to give you a chance to speak to Joan alone.

In Between Sessions:

You’ll receive an electronic draft of the “Agreement Reached in Mediation”. In the beginning there’ll be blanks, instructions for you to follow and questions. This is a working document that saves time and money. You pay for time spent drafting it, but most couples eventually sign this and save the cost of paying an attorney to draft it.

Second and Subsequent Sessions:

In the next sessions, the agreement will be modified and you’ll continue to mediate the issues until you have a complete agreement.

Final Session:

In the final session, any remaining issues are resolved and you’ll be informed on when and how you’ll obtain a divorce.


P: 908-526-4300
E: joangg50@gmail.com


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