Divorce litigation often tears a family apart, financially drains both sides and causes lasting damage to its most vulnerable members. Fortunately, with mediation the process is amicable, relatively inexpensive and often helps improve co-parenting skills – which creates a better future for all involved. Mediation allows people to part with respect and dignity.

Divorce mediation facilitates discussion and decision making of the serious and important issues that need to be resolved in a divorce. A skilled mediator ensures the conversation stays on track; allows everyone to speak openly in a safe environment; keeps expectations realistic and occurs in a respectful manner. Although for many couples the relationship is rocky and contentious, a good mediator helps them overcome the challenges they face and work through their issues. In the end, parting couples remain in charge of their divorce instead of turning the power over to the courts.

The key to a successful divorce mediation is a skilled mediator. If you are considering divorce in New Jersey or your spouse has requested a divorce, Joan Geiger can help. Joan is an experienced mediator who has been helping couples end their marriages with dignity and respect for more than 30 years.