Family Law

Family law is complicated because it involves the legal system and it deals with emotionally charged issues. Resolving these issues requires the support and guidance of someone who understands the New Jersey family court system and is sensitive and understanding.

The issues in family law vary on the circumstances of each family. General principles of law need to be analyzed and applied appropriately and fairly to the needs of each individual family. Using mediation is one of the best ways to resolve family law issues because it uses a customized approach and leave those most affected by the outcome in charge of resolving the dispute.

Mediation is confidential, so the families’ personal business and finances remain private. There is no “airing of dirty laundry” in public which can be embarrassing and deleterious to the children and other family members. The process provides an informal forum where both sides can speak openly and share his or her concerns – something that is essential for resolving family conflict.

Whether you are involved in a family law dispute in New Jersey and you want an option different from litigating the matter in court, or you are unsure how to proceed with a family law issue, Joan Geiger can help. Joan is an experienced mediator that has been in practice for more than 30 years. She is familiar with the New Jersey family court system and understands the benefits of resolving legal matters privately and less expensively.