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Probate issues faced by New Jersey families are challenging and place a strain on otherwise strong family relationships. Emotions are high following the loss of a loved one and many people find themselves embroiled in family squabbles over financial or other issues even when previously there was harmony. Making matters worse, the probate court system is complicated, confusing and expensive, adding to the strain felt by families during this difficult time.

Luckily, there is a way to resolve probate matters without the time, expense, confusion, and hard feelings involved in litigation.

Probate mediation is a confidential process that utilizes a neutral third-party to educate and facilitate communication between those dealing with probate issues. The mediator helps the family explore the underlying interests, needs, and priorities of everyone involved. Mediation is flexible and less formal than probate court and usually reduces the time and costs associated with the process. It can be particularly effective when family members have disagreements or when emotions are making it difficult to come to a consensus.

One of the keys to a successful probate mediation is to find a mediator that is experienced and able to facilitate open, honest, and respectful communication. Joan Geiger can help. Joan has more than 30 years of experience helping New Jersey families explore their options and avoid the traumatic experience of probate litigation.

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