The process of resolving legal and related emotional issues with the assistance of a qualified neutral third person in a way that’s amicable, expeditious, cost effective and best for all concerned.
  • Are you looking to separate amicably?

  • Do you want to spare your children and yourselves the pain of a long, costly and drawn-out divorce?

  • Are you interested in saving your hard-earned money?

If you answered yes, then mediation is probably right for you.

The monetary savings are tremendous, but the emotional savings and benefit to children and the whole family are priceless.

Whether you’re ready to use a mediator or simply interested in finding out more about mediation, we can help. Joan G. Geiger is an Accredited Professional Mediator who, for more than 20 years, has been helping people come to a peaceful separation agreement outside of the courtroom.

Learn more about the mediation process.

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